Dreams and Sacrifices

Lotte Haase studeerde in 2009 af in de richting visuele etnografie aan de Universiteit Leiden. Haar scriptie over Peruaanse dansers, identiteit en authenticiteit ontving een scriptieprijs in 2009 en haar afstudeerdocumentaire Sueños y Sacrificios (Dromen en Offers) werd op festivals in zowel binnen- als buitenland vertoond.

Dreams and Sacrifices

In Peru, each year in the month of June thousands of people come together at the pilgrimage site of the Lord of Qoyllur Rit’i. At 4700 meters up in the mountains they gather to dance to the Lord, the mountains and the Sun in order to beseech forgiveness for their sins, but also to ask for material objects. Allegedly, if you go with enough devotion and faith, the Lord will fulfill your wishes.

The film follows one of the dancers, Laura, who makes the pilgrimage for the first time. She is part of a religious dance group (or comparsa) that has its particular Andean-Catholic practices in which ‘discipline’ plays a large role. The film shows what it means for individuals to make this sometimes dangerous and physically demanding pilgrimage and the sacrifices one has to make dreams come true.

Dreams and Sacrifices from Koffer en Blik on Vimeo.


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