Hi all,

This first blog is just a short introduction to my studies and especially to my upcoming research.
I have been studying in Leiden for over three years. Last summer I graduated for my Bachelor in Cultural Anthropology & Development Sociology, with the specialization ‘Development in Place’. Currently I am enrolled in the master program of the same study, with the specialization of Environment and Development.

The master program of this study focuses much on the research that will be conducted independently in the first three months of 2013. This research can be conducted on every topic and everywhere in the world, as long as you can explain logically why this is important both for its attribution to current academic debates and to the society in general.
My research will focus on the relationship between access to water and the discourses on citizenship and human rights with Roma communities in southeast Slovenia. Slovenia is a so-called highly developed country, according to the ranking of the Human Development Index (number 21 of 187) and according to economic standards which rank Slovenia highest of Central Europe. However, the Roma communities in Slovenia, especially in the southeastern part (Dolenjska) are facing severe problems. Several communities lack access to housing, sanitation and water.
This issue has been addressed in March 2011 by Amnesty International, the world’s largest human rights organization. Their results are summarized in this short film, that is a good introduction to my research:

I will later provide a more in-depth summary of my research, and I will keep you up to date about the stages of my research!

You are welcome to ask questions, make suggestions or to just leave a short message anytime!


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