13-12-12 Workshop: Sound, Gods and the Nation

On 13-12-12 the Amsterdam Centre for Globalisation Studies (ACGS) with the International Association for the Study of Popular Music (IASPM) organise the workshop: Sound, Gods and the Nation.

This afternoon brings speakers together who work on how music is used to perform and contest religious and national identities.



1. Princess Siti and the Peculiarities of Post Islamist Pop
 (A view from Malaysia)

 by Bart Barendregt (Leiden University)

2. Soundtracking Germany: Kraftwerk’s Autobahn as national narrative by Melanie Schiller (University of Amsterdam)

3. Book Launch: Sonic Multiplicities: Hong Kong Pop and the Global Circulation of Sound and Image (Intellect) by Yiu Fai Chow (Baptist University, Hong Kong) and Jeroen de Kloet (University of Amsterdam)

4. Book LaunchAdapting Idols Authenticity, Identity and Performance in a Global Television Format (Ashgate), by Koos Zwaan (Inholland University of Applied Sciences)


University Library, Potgieterzaal, Singel 425, Amsterdam


If you want to participate, please register at:  t.t.ip@uva.nl

More information

For more information, please check this page>>


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