‘I love it’/’I’m tired’

Cabagan Water Course 2013

How Channa van Leijsen experienced Monday the 21th of January

For me those two quotes (from Cristina and Manon) capture today the best. We (Renske, Mayo, Arnold and I) visited a lot of the groups and checked on how they were doing and those sentences were heard in almost all of them!

The first ones we met were at the LGU (local government unit) in Tumauini. Lisette and Zyrene, Mart and Cristina, Koen and Melanie and Luuk, Jasmin and Kathlyn An all had done interviews over there and we copying some documents for each other when we met them.

Later on we also met the four girls that are researching the impact of the dam on indigenous peoples, Tessa and Bondee, and Ivan and Zyra (real quick) at the intake of the dam and Hannah, Daniel and Roxsan further on along the road. For all the groups we more or…

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