Summer Course in Turkije

Het Nederlands Instituut in Turkije biedt de Summer Course – ‘ History and Heritage in a Global City’ aan. De Summer Course vindt plaats in Istanbul van 10 tot 21 juni.

De Summer Course is voor 2e en 3e jaars BA studenten. Deadline voor aanmeldingen is 2 april.

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Nederlands Instituut TurkijeOutline


The city of Byzantium-Constantinople-Istanbul was the capital of a sequence of world empires during many centuries (330-1923), each of which exerted a major influence on the history of Europe, the Mediterranean and the Near East. This course maps this history by looking at the built and urban heritage of the city (palaces, churches, mosques, monuments, neighbourhoods, communication routes).

Urban landscape

In particular, we will look at the ways in which the city was made into the centre of a world empire through building projects and processions, religion and imperial tradition. Istanbul offers unique opportunities to investigate how dynasties in power brought about continuity and change through their interactions with the heritage of their predecessors. Over the many centuries, complex layers of space and meaning have come about.

Heritage and urban renewal

Even though Istanbul is no longer a capital city, it is the largest metropolis in Europe as well as the cultural and economic heart of Turkey. Past and present rub together everywhere, and create a continuous stream of new connections and clashes. The course will also take these contemporary issues into account, by looking at societal changes, and the role of heritage in processes of urban renewal and expansion.


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