Make a film – Summer Course Visual Methods

dewiCA-DS Leiden offers the Summer Course Visual Methods in July and August.  During this Summer Course students make their own short film.

The Summer Course provides a theoretical introduction to visual methods, as well as hands-on training. Students are introduced to the ways in which photography and video are used in anthropological research and how ethnographic films are made. Students make a short film during the course, which takes place during the summer in July & August.


The Summer Course Visual Methods can be taken either on its own or as part of a pre-masters programme for Visual Ethnography as a Method (in the CA-DS masters programme).  

Costs and Deadline

The enrollment fee for the Summer Course is € 950,-. Registration will be closed at 1 may 2013. 

Visual Ethnography in the Masters programme CA-DS

Visual Ethnography as a method is built into the one year Masters programme Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology at Leiden University. It combines anthropological theory, research methods and technical (audiovisual) skills. Students develop their own research project which includes two months of audio-visually oriented fieldwork. The materials recorded in the field are analysed and edited in the months thereafter. Students complete the programme with their own ethnographic film, photo series, or multimedia production and a written essay. To enroll in this programme, students have to complete the Summer Course ‘Visual Methods’.

More information

More information on the Summer Course can be found in our E-prospectus>>

More information on Visual Ethnography in the CA-DS Masters programme see


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