Voices of Asian Modernity

From 4 – 6 September the Conference Women, Gender, and Sexuality in Asian Popular Music of the 20th Century will take place in Leiden.

Voices-RegistrationThis conference aims to demonstrate how female entertainers, positioned at the margins of different intersecting fields of activities, created something hitherto unknown: they were artistic pioneers of new music, new cinema, new forms of dance and theater, and new behavior and morals. They moved from the margins to the mainstream and in their wake Asian pop cultures now have followed. These female performers were not merely symbols of times that were rapidly changing. Nor were they merely the personification of global historical changes. They were active agents in the creation of local performance cultures, of the newly emerging mass culture, and the rise of a region-wide and globally oriented entertainment industry.

This interdisciplinary conference will bring together a group of scholars from a range of fields including Music, Literature, History, Anthropology, Film Studies, Cultural Studies, Women’s Studies, Performance Studies, and Asian Studies to properly historicize the artistic sounds, lyrical texts, visual images, and social lives of female performers in Asian popular music of the 20th century.

More information

For a full program and information on speakers, as well as registration, see the conference website: Women, Gender, and Sexuality in Asian Popular Music. Registration is possible until the 30th of August via this website>>

Asian Modernities and Traditions

The research profile Asian Modernities and Traditions (AMT) aims to raise the strength and visibility of research, teaching and dissemination on Asian studies at Leiden University. The Voices of Asian Modernities project is a consortium between AMT, KITLV, and the University of Pittsburgh.


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